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Covergirl Lash Blast Volume Waterproof Mascara :)

This, in my opinion, is the best mascara ever. There is so much to love!

Packaging- It comes in a big, orange tube. And the wand is amazing. It isn’t wirey like most mascaras. It is very flexible.

$- I believe it is around $6-$8 at Walmart but I’m not exactly sure.

Selection- It comes in the standard brown or black and waterproof or regular.

The feel- It is a gel based mascara. And it doesn’t feel gross or flakey.

Overall- I think this is amazing and I love it. It is hard to get off so you might have to work at it a little bit. Also I reccomend curling your lashes first for best results. Oh and if you abuse this (which is easy to do!) your lashes can look spidery so watch out!

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N.Y.C. Lippin’ Large Lip Plumper

Say hello to your new favorite lip plumper! “Plump up your lips. N.Y.C. Lippin’ Large Lip Plumper gives you noticeably fuller-looking, plumper lips instantly and painlessly. Cinnamon and ginger help to enhance lip shape and fullness. The warm, tingly sensation means it’s working. Enriched with vitamin E to hydrate, smooth and soothe, the product makes lips look and feel fuller, plumper, more luscious and kissable.”

Packaging- It comes in a standard lip gloss tube.

$- I found this as a great deal. I get it for around $3.50 at Walmart.

Selection- There is quite a few, not a lot though. I believe there is around 5 different ones but I think they came out with some new ones.

The feel- When I put it on it feels a bit sticky (which some of you may not like). It starts to tingle a little bit considering it is a lip plumper. It isn’t like terrible pain though.

Overall- I believe it is a great value and it noticably makes you lips look plumper although it is sticky and makes your lips tingle.

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L’Oreal Paris Go 360 Clean Deep Facial Cleanser

To be honest I love this product! It comes with a scrublet to cleanse deep. It makes you feel SUPER clean and it takes ALL your makeup off!

Packaging- It comes in a plastic, 6 ounce bottle that has a hole to pop the scrublet in and out (Which  keeps it from floating around the shower and away from germies!)

$- I got this on sale at Walgreens for $3.50 but usually it is under $5.00 at Walmart.

Selection- It comes in three kinds- Sensitive (What I use), Acne, and Oily.

The feel- After you use this product your skin will feel completly clean. Make sure you wash all of it off or it will feel sticky and shiny.

Overall- I love this and I use it every night.

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Rimmel Clean Finish Foundation Review.

To start off I am going to tell you what the bottle promises “Look 100% poreless for a natural clean finish, lightweight for a clean, fresh finish, with vitamins A and E plus antioxidants, fragrance free and dermatologist tested.

Packaging- It comes in a clear, glass bottle. With a spatula inside to help distribute (I LOVE this and wish it would come in more foundations!)

$- I got this for around 4 bucks at Walmart. Not bad.

Selection- It only came in like 5 shades which is not that realistic but lucky for me I found my shade. I use 130 True Ivory.

The Feel- It can feel a bit sticky and caky when you first put it on but once it drys and you set it with powder it feels fine. Although it is pretty easy to cake this stuff on so be careful.

Coverage- I would say it is medium coverage with a semi matte finish.

Overall- I think it is a great value and this has become my go to foundation.

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Manic Panic Hair Dye!

Have you ever wanted to set a bold trend? (Look like Ariana Grande anyone?) Well look to Manic Panic. They have a line of unnatural colored hair dyes. I haven’t even said the best part yet- it’s all vegan! It can’t damage your hair at all because it doesn’t have any harsh chemicals. The only thing that can damage your hair is if you bleach it first (which I reccomend for best results). I have had pink hair for about three months now. I use the shade Hot Hot Pink. I have tried a ton of unnatural hair dyes and this is the best! It is super conditioning and doesn’t have that gross chemical smell. Now some reviews say it doesn’t last that long. Now that is true if you don’t go through the correct procedures. I will just number off how I do it.

What You Need: -The hair dye. (I buy it at Sally’s for 9 bucks). Depending on how long your hair is I suggest getting multiple jars.

-Bleach Kit. Again, depending on how long your hair is get multiple kits. I like Born Blonde (It isn’t as harsh, does the job, and doesn’t itch terribly)

-Tint Brush.


-Shower Cap.

-Ph balanced shampoo. (Ask for it at Sally’s. It is like 2 bucks).

-Sectioning clips.


1. Bleach your hair. Just follow the directions and BE CAREFUL. It will need to be a pale blond. Make sure you get ALL the color out!

2. When done with that apply vaseline all over your face, ears, and neck. (Believe me, you need it). This prevents the dye from dying your skin.

3. For the next few steps you will need someone to help. Section your hair in small sections.

4. Apply dye generously to hair with tint brush until frothy.

5. Put shower cap on and leave on hair for about an hour. (It says 20 minutes but it looks more vibrant if you keep it on longer. And it doesnt matter because it can’t damage your hair!)

6. Wash it out with Ph balanced shampoo.


-For long lasting color only wash hair every other day or longer if you can get away with it.

-Put two tablespoons of the dye in the shampoo and mix it up. Use this every time you wash your hair so when you take a little out you put some back in.

Also the first few washes there will defenitly be tinted water. Don’t worry it is worth it. For pictures of results go to the Manic Panic website and click Best Of The Best on the bottom.

WARNING- Be aware that it will probably dye anything (towels, clothes, SHOWERS). But usually to get stains out of the shower just use some bathroom cleaner.

Any suggestions or questions? Thanks 🙂

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